Business Professional Service Offer

This Service Offer sets out the basis on which Business Professional will provide a service to you. Your access to and use of the Service constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to this Service Offer.

We are committed to providing you with:
1. The highest levels of availability of our Service. We recognise that you need to have our Services available whenever you want or need to do business, and we strive to consistently meet our service level commitments.
2. The highest possible security for your data. We recognise that you need to have total trust in the security provisions that we have made and we strive to continuously improve our security provisions.
3. The appropriate system performance to ensure that our Service is usable at all times by your Users. We continuously upgrade our infrastructure to ensure that the system performance meets your current and future business needs.

A. Service availability

1. Business Professional guarantee the Service will be available to you 100% of the time, measured on a calendar month basis.
2. We apply monitoring tools to our systems to continuously check the service availability and periodically we look at our availability patterns over time to identify improvement opportunities. We will report our service availability to you on a monthly basis.
3. This availability does not include the time taken for your browser to fail over to the secondary data centre in the event that the primary data centre is unavailable.
4. This availability does not include any lack of availability due to loss of connectivity caused by you or your Internet Service Provider including the failure of your DNS service to use the correct Time to Live (TTL) to support system failover.
5. For each hour of unscheduled downtime outside of this guaranteed availability we will give you one day's credit for the monthly hosting charges up to a maximum of 100% of your monthly hosting charges credited per calendar month.

B. Security

1. To ensure the security of your data and transactions, we employ the following technologies in delivering the Service:
- Internet firewalls
- Network translation and proxy services
- Virus scanning of all incoming and outgoing email
- 24-hour security access to our data vault
- Secure Socket Layer data encryption (SSL)
- Host and network-based intrusion detection systems
- Redundant, highly available routers and switches
- Redundant, highly available power and facilities
- Regularly scheduled off-site backups
2. Our security strategy is to protect your data at multiple levels, which include your data security, data integrity, and data privacy.
3. We apply security tools to our systems. We continuously inspect for security breaks and periodically look at our security over time to identify improvement opportunities. We constantly scan and audit our systems for any defects in network security, in computer systems, and around your data. We will inform you as soon as possible if we believe your data security has been breached.
4. We maintain your data on servers located in custom-built data centres with full physical access control. Only authorised personnel with legitimate needs are provided access to the data centres.
5. All of our staff and those of our service providers are professionals trained in providing an on-line service and any of your data that they require access to in order to provide our Service to you is protected under their Terms and Conditions of employment.
6. Your Community Manager has total control for granting and denying access to the applications provided within the service. It is entirely your responsibility to manage the application access on behalf of your community. Other than to control unauthorised use of the Service, we will not change any application access settings without your permission.
7. Your applications themselves are all provided with a sophisticated security model that enables your Users to grant or deny access to data that they manage. It is entirely your Users’ responsibility to manage access to data stored within the Service. Other than to control unauthorised use of the Service, we will not change any User access settings without your permission.

C. System performance

1. Your applications run on our servers at our data centre. We monitor the performance of the Service to ensure that it meets your ongoing business needs.
2. Our systems are fully scalable to meet your current and future needs. We monitor server capacity on an ongoing basis without your intervention as you add new users and applications into your community.

D. Emergency upgrades

1. In the event that the Service becomes unavailable or system performance becomes unacceptable because of an application or system software problem, we may perform emergency patches and/or upgrades to restore the Service. We will perform this wherever possible during non-peak hours. Wherever possible we will keep you fully informed of progress by email.

E. Disaster recovery

1. In the unlikely event that our primary data centre is unavailable, we fail over the Service automatically to our secondary data centre. Browsers should normally be redirected within 5 minutes to the backup Service. The Service may be at a reduced performance level until the primary data centre is restored.

F. Support services

1. We provide you with an email based support service during the hours of 09:00 to 18:00 BST, Monday to Friday, with the exception of 1st January, 25th and 26th December and Easter Bank Holidays. The support email is
2. We have a target initial response time of 8 working hours for all non-urgent requests and 2 working hours for urgent requests that concern system availability or performance issues.

G. Data transfer

1. In the event that you require support for data transfer to another service we undertake to provide you a quotation within two working days to perform your reasonable requirements e.g. providing comma delimited files for all your data tables stored by us. The price for this will be based on our estimate of the time it will take costed at the prevailing rate published in the appropriate Price List.

H. General

1. This offer is to be interpreted in the context of the prevailing Hosting Agreement.

(Last updated August 12, 2009)

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