Business Professional focuses on delivering web-based business solutions which support individuals and teams within an organisation enabling them to perform their critical business functions effectively.

As web-based solutions, this support is provided in such a way that the location of staff is irrelevant, the solutions seamlessly support employees working in any office, at home or travelling.

OnSuite provides solutions that help organisations achieve their business objectives in human resource management, purchase order management and document management.

Purchase Management
  • provides staff with an online purchase order system.
  • full purchase order life cycle from creation through approval, order placing, delivery checking and issue.
  • a list of suppliers can be maintained and a catalog of commonly ordered items can be created.
  • order forms for issue to the supplier can be created automatically from the approved purchase order.
Human Resource Management
  • enables you to maintain your employee details online including their contact information, interests, employment history, absences, salaries, holidays, benefits, appraisals and more.
  • different sets of records are available to members of staff , managers and the HR group.
  • Staff can create and maintain a subset of their own records and can request holidays online for approval by their manager.
  • reports analysing employee data are available to HR staff.
  • company data such as mission and vision statements, staff vacancies, training programmes can be maintained online and made visible to all staff.
  • meets the record keeping requirements of Investors in People (IIP).
The portal to the solutions, Community Workspace, provides collaboration and intranet facilities. Each solution focuses on a specific business need and can be used on its own. However, when several solutions are implemented, they interact with each other to optimise the sharing of information and functionality, and eliminate duplication. See the pages for each solution to learn more about their functionality.

The user interface is consistent across the products to facilitate effective introduction of new solutions and provide ease of use across the portfolio. All of the products are designed to be fully scaleable to any number of users within your organisation.

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