What do cloud computing solutions offer a business?

Answer: Reduction in the overall cost of ownership of IT.

Reduced costs invested in in-house IT infrastructure and no upgrade management required

Cloud based solutions run on remote servers as opposed to your in-house infrastructure. Running your solutions from remote servers reduces expenses by reducing hardware and software maintenance and upgrade requirements.

IT resources reduced or freed up to focus on core systems and administrative tasks reduced

Why spend valuable resources developing and managing in-house solutions when they can be implemented immediately in the cloud without even any installation effort?

Manageable costs with no up-front investment and no minimum periods or termination charges
The cloud computing model does not require you to purchase the software you are using. Solutions are delivered on a rental model where you pay a monthly fee based on the level of usage. This financing model significantly changes the entire economy of software development and availability.

Quick implementation of new solutions with no compatibility issues and instant scalability
Add more users quickly and easily with immediate availability to relevant staff whenever and wherever the solution is required.

No support overhead with backup and security all taken care of by the hosting provider with guaranteed levels of service
Defined service level agreement with your service provider in place as standard

Full access for staff everywhere - satellite offices, at home, travelling and extended accessibility to customers and suppliers
You control who has access to your applications without any need for additional software installations

With the Software-as-a-Service model, smaller businesses enjoy access to the kind of scalable solutions that are usually only available to large corporations. The cost structure is ideal for organisations who don't want to tie up large amounts of working capital or resources in IT infrastructure.

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