Onsuite People Manager

Cloud-based self-service Human Resource Management

Are your getting the best out of your HR systems?
- Already Investor in People (IIP) accredited or aiming for it?
- Overwhelmed by the volume of paper for human resource management?
- Having trouble finding HR information you know you have?
- Finding it difficult to share HR information?

People Manager is the on-line, on-demand cloud human resource solution that helps you to manage your staff effectively.

People Manager means no complex IT infrastructure to maintain, no security worries, no upgrade nightmares.

People Manager lets you focus on your core business activities.

OnSuite People Manager solves your problems:
- Store all people records on-line
- provide staff with easy and fast access to all their own records
- Optimise the use of in-house skills and knowledge
- Easily analyse your employee data with built-in reports
- Manage recruitment
- Manage training
- Manage holiday requests
- Analyse key business measures

People make your business - make people your business with OnSuite

People Manager - the cost-effective cloud-based HR solution

People Manager is brought to you as Software-as-a-Service which means that we provide it to you as an on-demand managed service over the web. You decide:
- who uses it: staff, customers and suppliers
- where they want to use it: anywhere with an Internet connection
- when they need to use it: 24x7 managed service

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